we make the diversity SYNC & MOVE

We’re truly believe; economic and human capital are the empowering system to obtain “ social benefit ” and social consciousness is the keys to make it prolong.

MingleCorp. integrating and create the synergy power of leverage among business value chain to create the seamlessly energetic momentum.

We Encourage, Enhance and Expand social driven business to share values, optimize resources, maximize social value to cultivate the positive impact among the effectiveness massive niche prospect (Green Ocean Market) alongside with creating the social consciousness investment marketplace to flee from human and social capital unfruitful investment, among ecosystem, we share resources – risk and return for a single vision ‘ making money with the meaning 

MingleCorp. business architecture crafting from our DNA; Dreams, Nature and Abilities to create business for BOTH income and impact for social benefit along with the business activities.

MingleCorp. has been founded on March 2011, MingleCorp. family including with multicultural teammates, sister companies, mentees networks and partners work with believe in creating value beyond ourselves and heartfelt to endeavour impact creation for life & living.

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